Are all your employees going to show up today? Will you have enough inventory to keep up in your busiest days? Are your customers happy? These are just a few of the hundreds of questions you deal with every day. If you are a savvy business owner or manager you don’t just ignore these headaches.  That is why 100% of our customers purchase a tent washing machine - they found a way to eliminate just one more headache - dirty tents.  Since 1997,

we have sold over 300 tent washing machines to successful business owners and managers just like you across four different continents of the world.  But how does a tent washing machine work? It is really very basic. Fold the tent up, use the right temperature water and correct chemicals and let the machine do the work. In 20 to 60 minutes your load is done and ready to be hung up for drying or ready to go straight to a job site.

"Our tents got a new lease on life. Not only was there much less labor needed, but the tents also got much cleaner. We didn't have to buy as many new tents anymore. " ~ Daryl Sensenig, Tents For Rent

It is kind of like your great grandmother who used to wash all the family’s clothes by hand- it took a lot of time and she still did not get them 100% clean. But her daughter (your grandmother) had the opportunity to buy a washing machine. Suddenly she had much more time and did a consistent job in getting the clothes clean. Using a tent washing machine is no different than what your grandmother experienced. The most common story we hear from our customer is that they wish they would have purchased a washer years earlier.

“What the machine does that you can’t do by hand is gets all the stitching and webbing and strapping glistening white—that’s been a great thing!” 
-Steve Traube, Traube Tents & Structures

Whether you are a company with 30 tents or a company with 3000 tents there is a tent washing machine that is the right size for you. With five sizes to choose from you are guaranteed to get the size that will allow you to never have a dirty pile of tents again. The smallest machine you will wash up to 900 square feet of material at one time. The largest machine will wash up to 5000 square feet of material

at one time.  It does not matter if you are buying a machine to wash your biggest pieces of material or buying a machine to always have clean inventory always available for last minute orders- owning a tent washing machine will change how your business is run.
Teeco’s trade up guarantee- “If you buy a machine today and need a larger machine 2 or 3 years down the road, we will give you what you paid for the smaller machine as a trade in for a larger machine.” Your business will grow so don’t get stuck with the wrong size equipment.  We get the fact that you may be skeptical. How can such a simple machine instantly increase your “A” grade inventory by 30% without buying one new top? How can you never have an off season laundry pile to work through again? How is it possible to cut your cleaning labor cost by an average of 60%?

Can you increase the life of a top by years? Every one of our customers have been as skeptical as you might be right now. Every one of them has personally experienced multiple changes to their businesses because they made the plunge to purchase a machine. Don’t let our seemingly outrageous claims sway you, just listen to what our customers are saying. Teeco is the world leader in providing tent washing machines.  Most likely buying a tent washer will be a big purchase for your company, and we do not want you to spend a dime of your money until you are 100 % certain you are making a great decision that will change how you do business. Your first step is to fill out the form to the side and get the most up to date pricing. We will email you the quick version of the sizes and pricing. But there is a bit more that you must know, so we will use the US post office to mail you a package

with detailed specifications, guides and special offers. Special offers include: details about an all-expense paid trip to see our customers and our manufacturing facility, up to date financing programs, details on our 3 and 5 year guarantees and much more. If you manage or own a tent rental company, you can eliminate every headache that dirty tents bring to your business. Fill out the form to the right and we will do the rest.

Sincerely, The Teeco Solutions Team P.S. Remember- 100% of our customers have eliminated the hassle of dirty tents from their business and so can you!

P.S. Remember- 100% of our customers have eliminated the hassle of dirty tents from their business and so can you!

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