Maybe you don’t think your business is big enough for a tent washer—but maybe it is!

You can get started with a tent washing machine for as little as $8500 for the first year.  And, there are many sizes to choose from.  A tent washing machine is nothing more than a tool to ensure your customers are happy every time you set up a tent.  Delivering clean tents and excellent customer service is a must in today’s competitive market place.  The most successful tent rental companies in the country have mastered a process of great customer service.  Chances are you are not one of the largest tent rental companies in the country, but you know that happy customers are the lifeblood of your business.  There are a lot of things that must be perfect every time to make a customer happy.  One of those things is to know that you have a process to deliver clean tent tops 100% of the time.  Yet, most tent rental companies are faced with a myriad of costs to keep their tent tops clean.
When it comes to delivering great customer service, you are caught in the middle.  The customer demands a clean tent top.  And you only have so much labor, time and money to devote to cleaning your tents.  If business is good- you have more dirty tents, but your crews are too tired to keep them clean.  When that rainy weekend hits and all your tops are returned dirty – do you even have the resources to get them clean in time for the next weekend?  You might buy more tent tops because you need extras for when the busy time does come and you cannot keep up with the cleaning needs.  Yet there is not a tent rental company on the planet that enjoys spending their hard-earned money on inventory that only gets used in the busiest of times.    Does this sound like your company?  The reality is that most tent rental companies struggle with the same problems. There are a lot of other more strategic places to spend money in a growing business.
"Our tents got a new lease on life. Not only was there much less labor needed, but the tents also got much cleaner. We didn't have to buy as many new tents anymore. " ~ Daryl Sensenig, Tents For Rent

Owning a tent washing machine is the guaranteed way to ensure clean tent tops for every customer.


Most are very skeptical.  How can such a simple machine instantly increase your “A” grade inventory by 30% without buying one new top?  How can you never have an off season laundry pile to work through again?  How is it possible to cut your cleaning labor cost by an average of 60%?  Can you increase the life of a top by years?  Every one of our customers have been as skeptical as you might be right now. Every one of them has personally experienced multiple changes to their businesses because they made the plunge to purchase a machine.  Don’t let our seemingly outrageous claims sway you, just listen to what our customers are saying.  Teeco is the world leader in providing tent washing machines to companies just like yours.  Most likely buying a tent washer will be a big purchase for your company, and we do not want you to spend a dime of your money until you confident about making a great decision that will change how you do business.  We want you to be 100% confident that a tent washing machine will be right for your business.  Here are our guarantees to you:

You can eliminate dirty tents from your business. We guarantee it!
    3 Year Trade-Up Guarantee - As you grow, you can buy a bigger tent washer down the road and get what you paid in trade!
    5 Years Free Parts Guarantee - You pay NOTHING for parts for 5 YEARS.
    90 Day Risk-Free You're Happy or Your Money Back Guarantee - Use our machine for 90 days and if you can't see the improvement you need, we will refund 100% of what you paid for the machine!
How much does it cost to get a tent washer?  You can own the Mighty Mini washing machine for $8500 for your first year!  This is much less than the cost of just one employee.  The cost of the largest machine will reduce a crew of 4 to 6 full times employees to a crew of two employees. And, unlike an employee the machine just keeps on working day after day doing the same great cleaning job.  No matter how busy you get you have the peace of mind that you are delivering the same clean tents that the best companies in the country deliver to their customers.  Perhaps the most common feedback we get from our customer’s is that they wished they had bought a tent washing machine years earlier.  Because of the efficiencies and quality built into every Teeco tent washing machine the cost of utilities to operate the entire system is 50% less than any other machine in the marketplace today.    

“Over 90% of all tent washing machine purchases are financed with leasing”

How does a tent washing machine work?  It is really very basic.  Fold the tent up, use the right temperature water and correct chemicals and let the machine do the work.  In 20 to 60 minutes your load is done and ready to be hung up for drying or ready to go straight to a jobsite.  Over the course of almost 20 years it has been proven that no amount of hand scrubbing will get a top cleaner than the work of a tent washing machine.  It is kind of like your great grandmother who used to wash all the family’s cloths by hand- it took a lot of time and she still did not get them 100% clean.  But her daughter (your grandmother) had the opportunity to buy a washing machine.  Suddenly she had much more time and did a consistent job in getting the cloths clean.  Using a tent washing machine is no different than what your grandmother experienced.  
“testimony about how clean the tops get”
"Teeco Tent Washers are found in many size tent rental companies across the globe"
Is the machine hard to install?  By the time the machine shows up at your facility all you have to do is plug it in and connect two hoses.  You will be running within an hour! 
Meet Shawn.  His only job at Teeco is to make sure you receive a quality machine and are properly trained and 100% happy long after your machine is delivered.  With Shawn's 20 years of service experience your satisfaction is guaranteed.
How long will this machine last?  Teeco built their first machine in 1999 and it is still running today!  This track record gives us the confidence to put a 5 year parts and workmanship warranty on every machine we sell.  There are over 40 employees in the manufacturing facility ready to back you up and be your partner well into the future.  If you grow, we grow with you!  You can have your machine for up to 3 years and decide to buy a larger one-  NO PROBLEM…. We will give you what you paid for your machine to apply to the investment into your new larger machine.  Here are a few other facts that should give you a piece of mind that we are serious about being your partner.  We are the only company in the industry to build our electrical systems to be certified with UL safety standards.  Our water heaters are 3 times faster and 3 times larger than anything found in the industry, guaranteeing you the quality and speed you need to make it through the busiest of days.  These are just some of the hidden features in a Teeco tent washing machine that will ensure your success well into the future. 
44,000 square feet of manufacturing facility complete with engineering department, machine shop, electrical panel building department, QC department and fabrication shop gives the peace of mind they need when buying a quality piece of equipment.
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